Business Loan Protection:  Pays off any outstanding Business Loans should a Business Owner become Disabled, so the Business Owner doesn't need to worry about that obligation.

Income protection

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Key-Person Coverage:  Helps Business Owners Protect their most valuable Assets... their "Key" Employees.

Disability Income Retirement Security (DIRS) Insurance:  Benefits are paid to an Irrevocable Trust, upon a Disability.  At the end of the Benefit Period the Trust Assets are distributed to the Individual.

Many People realize the need to Insure Personal Belongings like Cars and Homes, but often they neglect to insure what provides their Lifestyle and Financial well-being... their Income!

The risk of Disability is great and the financial impact of a Long-Term Disability (90 days or more) can have a devastating impact on Individuals, Families and Businesses.

  • Approximately 30% of People Age 35 to 65 will suffer a Disability for at least 90 days (which, on average, will last for 5 Years!) - and about One in Seven can expect to become Disabled for Five Years or more.  (Health Insurance Association of America; The New York Times, February 2000)
  • During the course of your Career, you are 4 times more likely to be Injured and need Disability Coverage than you are to Die. (Health Insurance Association of America, 2000)
  • Nearly half of the 1 Million Americans who filed for Bankruptcy Protection in 1999 did so after being sidelined by an unexpected Illness or Injury. (New York Post, April 3, 2000, "There's No Insuring You Won't Go Bankrupt")


Disability Buy-Out (DBO) Insurance:  Provides funds needed to transfer Business interest from a Disabled Owner to the remaining active Owners - up to $2 Million Benefit. (DBO requires two or more owners)

Overhead Expense (OE) Insurance:  Reimburses Business Owners for Business Expenses incurred during a Disability, allowing them to keep their Business open until they recover and return to work.

Disability Income (DI) Insurance:  Replaces a portion of after-tax Earned Income to help pay for personal living expenses during a Disability